127 Things to Bring to College

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The ultimate college packing list for all your dorm room essentials.

Need to know what to bring to college? Use this checklist to help organize your college shopping and packing. It lists the 127 items, broken down by categories, that will come in handy as you start your college life:

Bedding and Linens

Remember, most universities use XL beds, so make sure you’re buying the right size materials. Some campuses partner with bedding providers to get students deals, too, so do some shopping beforehand.

Here are your bedding essentials:

1. Comforter/blanket
2. Mattress pad or foam topper
3. Pillows
4. Pillowcases (2 sets)
5. Sheets (2 sets)
6. Towels (washcloth, hand cloths and bath cloths)
7. Foam/egg crate for mattress
8. Bed risers
9. Extra blankets or throws
10. Mattress protector

Not every freshman comes to college knowing how to clean and iron their clothes. If you haven’t done your own laundry yet, have mom or dad give you a breakdown. Also, not every student brings an iron and ironing board. If you do, someone with a wrinkly shirt is going to owe you a favor down the road.

These are all your laundry duty tools:

11. Detergent
12. Stain remover
13. Fabric softener
14. Hangers
15. Laundry hamper/basket
16. Iron
17. Mini ironing board

School Supplies


Start brushing up on your note taking now. You’re guaranteed to have one class that will push your study habits to the limits.

Get ready for the next chapter in your student career with these essentials:

18. Dry erase board/calendar
19. Dry erase markers
20. Printer paper
21. Backpack
22. Calculator
23. Highlighters
24. Notebooks/binders
25. Stapler
26. Tape
27. Bulletin board and push pins
28. Ruler
29. Scissors
30. Stamps
31. Sticky notes
32. Pens/pencils
33. Textbooks
34. Planner
35. Envelopes
36. Hole punch
37. Index cards
38. Paper clips
39. Folders
40. Colored pencils


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Whether you’re a techie or not, there are lots of electronic essentials that are absolutely critical to your college experience.

Remember to talk to your roommates about who’s bringing appliances, like microwaves and TVs, to ensure you won’t be doubling up on items that take up space. Also, double-check what appliances are allowed in the residence hall. Anything with a heating element is typically prohibited.

These are some of the electronic tools every college student needs. Don’t forget the chargers!:

41. Cell phone
42. Laptop
43. Printer (plus extra ink cartridges!)
44. Alarm clock (for all those early classes)
45. Surge protector/power strip
46. Fan
47. Headphones
48. Desk and floor lamp
49. Extension cords
50. Wireless speaker
51. Mini refrigerator
52. Microwave
53. TV
54. Mini vacuum/dust buster

Decorations and Organizers


The easiest way to feel homesick is to skip decorating. You want your space to feel like a home, not a jail cell. A few mementos and fun items are just as important as everything else.

Double check any residence hall policies regarding these decorations:

55. Furniture: couch, futon, chairs, etc. (Check the student handbook to see if particular sizes or items are prohibited)
56. Personal mementos
57. Pictures and frames
58. Photo albums
59. Stuffed animals
60. Rug
61. Trash can
62. Bins/baskets/crates
63. Drawer organizer
64. Jewelry organizer
65. Over-the-door shoe hangers
66. Stacking storage drawers
67. Duct tape
68. Adhesive wall hangers
69. Mirror
70. Posters

Bathroom Supplies
Common bathroom or no, there are a lot of little items you shouldn’t forget while packing toiletries.

Pack your shower caddy with these necessities:

71. Bathrobe
72. Blow dryer
​73. Brush and comb
74. Cotton swabs
75. Curling iron and flat iron
76. Hand sanitizer
77. Shampoo
78. Medicine (cough medicine, allergy medication, Benadryl, Acetaminophen and any personal prescriptions with the accompanying paperwork)
79. Hair products (hair spray, styling products, bobby pins, headbands, hair ties, etc.)
80. Body wash and soap
81. Deodorant
82. Toothpaste and toothbrush
83. Floss
84. Fingernail clippers and nail files
85. Shower flip-flops
86. Razors
87. Shaving cream
88. Shower caddy
89. Makeup
90. Band-Aids

Kitchen Items


For those times you can’t make it to the school cafeteria. Or just want cereal or takeout for dinner!:

91. Can opener
92. Food storage containers
93. Bowl, plate and cup
94. Utensils
95. Mug
96. Dish soap
97. Sponge


This list will vary widely, depending on where you live.

98. Underwear
99. Socks
100. Shirts
101. Jeans, pants, khakis
102. Sweaters
103. Pajamas
104. Sweatpants
105. Slippers
106. Coat (raincoat and winter coat, if necessary)
107. Gloves, hats, scarves (if necessary)
108. Boots
109. Sneakers
110. Casual and dressy shoes
111. Bathing suit


And there are a few other very important little knickknacks that are critical for your home away from home.

Don’t forget these important random items:

112. Medical insurance card
113. Umbrella
114. Mini tool kit
115. Sports gear (If you intend to play in a recreational league or on a college team, bring extra pairs of athletic socks, underwear and your personal equipment)
116. Yoga mat
117. Essential documents (passport, checks, bank documents, financial aid information)
118. Essential cards (student ID, driver’s license, Social Security card, debit card)
119. Reusable water bottle
120. Cleaning supplies (rags, disinfectant wipes, air freshener)
121. Paper towels
122. Light bulbs

If You Bring a Car, Add to the List
Anyone driving their car onto campus for the semester should bring a few other key items as well:

123. Insurance and registration information
124. Jumper cables
125. GPS or car charger for smart phone
126. Emergency road map
127. Tire pressure gauge

These items will keep you covered for the most part. It’s normal that you’ll realize you’ve forgotten a few things. Worst come to worst, you can always look to the campus bookstore for a few more supplies or find a shopping center in the area. Or call home to Mom and Dad!


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