6 College Clubs You Never Knew Existed

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You might already know about Greek life and recreational sports teams, but did you know about these clubs?

French club, debate team, intramural tennis, yearbook society. How many clubs have you joined simply to appear well rounded? But it doesn’t have to be that way. Clubs, including college clubs, aren’t about padding your resume when you apply to schools and jobs. You can have fun too!

You probably already know about common college clubs, Greek life and recreational sports teams, but have you ever heard of these six unusual and wacky options?

  1. Bentley University: Skydiving Club

    Some organizations hold meetings every week to engage in debates or run charitable events or trips. Other organizations meet once every semester to fly members thousands of feet into the air before sending them soaring out of the side door of a plane. OK, maybe it’s just one organization that does that.skydivingThe Bentley Skydiving Club is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a place for thrill seekers to meet and plan jumps. No prior experience necessary. Whether you’re a first-time jumper or a tried-and-true daredevil, this is an opportunity for anybody to take to the wild blue yonder.
  2. College of William and Mary: Wizards & Muggles

    The College of William and Mary might be the ultimate destination for a Harry Potter–crazed student. Its official Harry Potter appreciation club is called Wizards & Muggles, and members get together about once a week.

    The club turns the college experience into a magical stay at Hogwarts. Members are categorized into houses during the Sorting Ceremony, houses accumulate points during the semester (for everything from writing fanfiction to dressing in Harry Potter apparel) and you can even play a game of Quidditch.

  3. MIT: Assassins’ Guild

    It’s not exactly what it sounds like, thankfully. The MIT Assassins’ Guild is an adventurous role-playing club where you create your own character and play games in real life but with foam daggers and dart guns (safety first, kids). In this club, you’re only held back by your imagination.

    MIT“In our games, every player becomes a character in a real-time, real-space game of schemes, trickery, and death, lasting anywhere from a few hours to 10 days. Come with us and experience the ancient past, the distant future or both at the same time,” the club’s official website reads.

    “Patrol” might be the club’s most successful activity. Every Saturday night, groups of students meet in classrooms to join a shootout using rubber dart guns. It might be the most fun you ever have behind a desk.

  4. University of Virginia: Seven Society

    You’ve probably heard of a few secret societies in colleges around the country. Their memberships are a closely guarded secret. For many outsiders, it’s hard to be sure of what exactly it is the groups even do. 

    At the center of these mysterious organizations is UVA’s Seven Society. Members only become known after their deaths, when a wreath of black magnolias constructed in the number seven is placed at their gravesites. Take a tour around UVA and you’ll find plenty of the group’smysterious insignia painted on walls and staircases.

    What’s most perplexing is that few people know what it takes to become a member in the first place. Some have discovered that members aren’t exclusively UVA students. The first sign of the Seven Society appeared in the 1905 UVA student yearbook, according to University of Virginia Magazine, but the exact date of the group’s formation remains a mystery.

  5. University of Michigan: The Squirrel Club

    If you’re not one for the cloak-and-dagger lifestyle or eerie mysteries, maybe give the University of Michigan’s Squirrel Club a shot. It may sound nuts, but the group actually has a very straightforward mission and a strong membership.

    squirrelParticipants take it upon themselves to feed and protect the abnormally large squirrels that roam through campus. In 2002, the club consisted of five members. Last year there were around 400, making it one of the largest student groups on campus.

  6. Florida State University: The Flying High Circus

    If you ever debated between going to college and running away to join the circus, you can now do both! The Flying High Circus was invented to help integrate male and female students when the school officially became coed back in 1947.

    florida_circusNow, it’s a high-octane student performance venue equipped with a tent, three rings and just about everything else you’d expect from a circus. Juggling, high wire walking, aerial acrobatics — the club has it all. The only prerequisite for joining is that you’re a degree-seeking FSU student, but you’ll quickly find how talented the members are. The club has done shows around the world.

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