6 Ways Bentley Has Changed Me

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Starting college is an exciting roller coaster. You learn so much that you’re probably going to think of yourself as the wisest person on earth. Every day can bring surprises you could have never expected. And, at Bentley, it’s always a thrill ride. The business world is so dynamic, and this is something that characterizes Bentley’s campus as well.

As a result, your pre-college “you” will be completely different from the “you” after your four years in college. So buckle up and let’s go through six ways Bentley has changed me so far:

  1. I Let My Extrovert Take Over
    As an incoming freshman I was anxious (like everybody else) to start my college adventure. Being a bit of an introvert myself, my biggest doubt was who my friends were going to be. Little did I know that my extrovert half was going to do all the work. As soon as I took my first footstep on campus, I started talking to my floor mates in my residence hall, my peers in class and pretty much everyone I would come across. I had discovered the secret to kicking off the semester on a good note: talking until you can’t talk any more. So leave the worries behind, let your extrovert self take control and enjoy the ride.Source: https://imgflip.com/
  2. I View the World Through a Million Lenses
    Through my Bentley career I have learned how to think outside of the box and look at different topics through a number of lenses. Who would have imagined that even the price of a slice of pizza could be analyzed using economic theories? Well, once you become a Bentley student, you learn to view the world differently in order to be a critical thinker.Source: https://imgflip.com/
  3. I Think About Business Day in and Day Out
    As a freshman, the terms “resume”, “cover letter”, “internships” and “jobs” might seem foreign. Believe me, these terms become the air you breath and the food you eat. As the proactive business students that we are, once we become a Bentley Falcon we learn to be on business mode 24/7.My secret: I always carry with me at least six copies of my resume. You never know when you might run into employers from KPMG, Converse, Ernest & Young or Lenovo (just to name a few). It’s all about being #paratus or prepared, as our school’s logo says.Source: http://www.quickmeme.com/meme/3sm6wt
  4. For Me, Everyday Is Leg Day
    As a freshman you learn what the true definition of cardio is. Even if it’s just going to our dining hall, classes or the athletic facilities, you always encounter hills, bridges or steps. So, if the freshman fifteen is one of your worries, at Bentley you won’t have to think about it. As a matter of fact, you’ll get the legs you had been wanting for so long in no time.Source: https://imgflip.com/
  5. I Have Mastered the Art of Dressing in Business Formal
    As a business student, the most important “do” is dressing well for any interview or business meeting. If you think you aren’t that type of person, believe me, you will develop unique dressing skills you never thought you were going to possess. Dressing in business formal actually becomes a task that won’t take you longer than five minutes. And when you reach this level, you’ll know you’ve become a pro.jm5
  6. I Multi-Task at Level 1000
    If doing ten things at a time seems like something out of a sci-fi movie, college will teach you the reality. At Bentley, I have learned to balance my time in order to go to class, do homework, attend group meetings, work and (of course) watch my favorite shows. How is this possible?With the ability of multi-tasking and getting the work done to your standards. Being a Bentley student will teach you this skill in no time — you’ll become a time management guru in the blink of an eye!jm6


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Javier Monterrosa is currently a junior from El Salvador majoring in Marketing with minors in Law and Entrepreneurial Studies. On campus, Javier is part of Bentley’s Moot Court Team and is also an Admission Fellow at the Undergraduate Admissions Office. He has an interest in learning new languages, enjoys traveling and hopes to work in the technology, fashion or automotive industry, overseeing social media for a brand. Javier’s favorite thing about Bentley University is the student community and its diversity — it represents different countries, backgrounds and walks of life, which gives the campus a unique vibe.