Bentley Alum Keeps the Pace High at HubSpot

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When you’re generating tens of thousands of leads for one of the world’s top inbound marketing sales team, you can’t be caught standing still.

Take Bentley alumna Amanda Sibley. As manager of demand generation at inbound marketing pioneer HubSpot, she’s responsible for a team that manages HubSpot’s social media accounts, email, partnership marketing, advertising, and landing page creation, on top of finding new innovative ways to generate those 60,000 leads. This means that the team creates and launches six to eight pieces of lead-generating content each month, as well as free tools that marketing professionals can use to improve their business. Oh, and she also is a regular contributor to the HubSpot blog.

It’s a fast-paced job that goes beyond her Marketing degree, but one that Amanda is thriving in, thanks to the wide-ranging educational offerings she enjoyed at Bentley.

“Bentley gave me real-world experience that helped me jump into the professional world with ease,” Amanda says. “Thanks to the view Bentley gave me into all aspects of business, I feel comfortable when handling situations that are larger than just the marketing department.”

That confidence has helped Amanda advance at HubSpot, one of many successful companies that have taken down the silos and encouraged their employees to interact across department lines. But it wasn’t just earned in the classroom. Amanda took advantage of Bentley’s hands-on learning opportunities, participating in several internships and studying abroad in Barcelona.

“Each day I have to communicate and coordinate with many different people and teams who may have conflicting goals. This requires a certain level of professional and personal maturity and independent thought,” she explains. “My study abroad experience, various internships, and hands-on-classroom projects threw me into the real world and helped me develop the skills I needed to be independent. When I started work, I felt light-years ahead thanks to this independence.”

Maintaining a diverse workload is nothing new for Amanda, who added an optional Liberal Studies Major in Global Perspectives to her Marketing degree. Even though the LSM doesn’t connect directly to her HubSpot work, she says the intellectual cross-pollination has broadened her horizons in a way a traditional business education couldn’t.

“I am glad I did it,” says Amanda. “Although I did not go into a field that takes advantage of my concentration, it gave me a great experience that wasn’t solely focused on my core business classes. I have a greater appreciation and understanding of the world culturally due to my LSM, which has had numerous benefits post-graduation.”

 The breadth of her Bentley experiences helped Amanda prepare for the dynamic work environment that is HubSpot.

“Every day, I get to handle new challenges — no two days are alike,” she says. “I love the variety I have in my job, which comes with any management role. I get to help my team solve problems that help them grow as professionals, and grow the company. I am also surrounded by intelligent people every day, and am constantly learning.

“I have experienced exponential growth in my skill set and business acumen because of the people I have the pleasure of working with. We also are all working toward a shared vision, set by our leadership team. This is a critical part of my company and culture that I couldn’t live without.”


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