Bentley Lingo – Your Verbal Survival Guide (Part 1)

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Freshman year is an exciting time in your life. You’re making new friends from all over the country and world, you’re exploring classes that are interesting to you, and you’re making the most of all this new-found free time you have. But, it can be a little overwhelming too. You’re most likely living away from home for the first time. You’re beginning to understand the value of time management. You do your own laundry and get your own mail. And on top of it all, you’re struggling to understand the linguistic idiosyncrasies (how do you like them big college words?) of the upperclassmen around you. How can the hockey team have enough room to play in a jar? And how can a place be referred to by a direction…North seems like a pretty general way of describing a location!

I can empathize with those feelings, and as I found out when I made this list, there are still some Bentley terms that I either didn’t know or didn’t understand…..and I’m graduating in May. So I’m here to help you get the jump on Bentley lingo, through this two part mini survival guide.

At the beginning of the semester, it feels like an endless supply of funds (linked with your meal swipes) you can spend at any of the places to eat on campus other than Seasons (see Part 2). But without proper planning you end up spending all of it in a month and lean heavily on your friend who somehow ends up with $200 left in discretionary funds at the end of the semester. Get on their good side early because the funds don’t roll over and we wouldn’t want to be wasteful right?

Lower, Upper
Referring to the two different “halves” of campus, “lower” features our athletic complex, as well as dormitory buildings, while “upper” holds more residence halls, our academic buildings, and our student center. Students are fiercely divided on which locale is a better spot to live, but both have their upside.

Bentley Library

The library and academic buildings on upper campus

Short for General Business, it’s the core business curriculum that all undergraduate business majors will take. It starts with GB 110 (Ethics and Law), 112, and 212 (Finance and Accounting), moves on to GB 213 (Business Statistics), 214 (Marketing and Operations), and 215 (Management), passes through the seven levels of the Candy Cane forest, continues to GB 310 (Business Processes and Systems) on to GB 320 (Integrated Business Project) and finally culminates in GB 410 (Strategic Management). But since you can’t escape the GBs just embrace the GBs.

Night bomb
This just seems like its immediately ingrained in your vocabulary once you’re at Bentley, but a night bomb is a class that meets once a week at night for a longer period of time. It’s a great way to condense your schedule, but freshman cannot take them until their second semester. I think normal people call them night classes? I don’t know. But remember your snacks and coffee.

A relative unknown for those who have not lived there, North Campus is an unconnected section of residential buildings that is appropriately located due north of the main campus. I can confirm rumors that some of the dorm rooms on North have bathtubs, so that’s something to keep in mind.

CoNo, CoSo
While some residence buildings are known by nicknames, none are used more frequently than the Copleys. In fact, some students may be confused if you refer to CoNo or CoSo as Copley North or Copley South. They are mirroring buildings on the lower section of campus home to mainly sophomores and juniors, and after four years I still haven’t exactly figured out which one is which.

Campus features two greenspaces: the upper g-space and the lower g-space (also known as the lower G) . Both are aptly named for the halves I described above, and feature different scenes depending on the weather. In the fall and spring, you’ll find sunbathers, football tossers, and Kan-Jam players, while the winter welcomes skiiers, snowboarders, and plenty of snowmen.


Lower campus in the fall, with the lower g-space off to the right and CoNo and CoSo to the left

“What even is North Campus?” – Anyone who hasn’t lived on North Campus

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Andrew Johnston is a Economics-Finance major with a concentration in Global Perspectives at Bentley University. He is on the NCAA Men’s Golf Team, and also works as a Admission Fellow.