Bentley Lingo – Your Verbal Survival Guide (Part 2)

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Smith stairs – Consider this the double black diamond of stairs. You will be out of breath and sweaty when you summit, regardless of temperature (so budget time before class to stop sweating and wipe your face). Good news is that if you take these more than once a day you can skip leg day at the gym.

Seasons – As our main dining hall on campus, students get very accustomed to walking to the student center to come here to eat. Other than the ice cream, the omelets come out on top as my favorite food at Seasons, but the staff is still the best part of the experience.

Club Mein Bowl – You’d think that late night Chinese food couldn’t get better, but when you have weekend warriors dancing their heads off at 1 AM as you eat it, it does. Mein Bowl, which serves up some mean crab rangoons and sesame chicken, transforms into a dance party with loud music and good food on weekend nights, and is always worth a stop, if only to people watch.

The JAR – Short for John A. Ryan, it’s the name of our Division 1 Mens Ice Hockey team’s home rink. While some like to poke fun at the JAR for its rather homely appearance, no one can knock the environment of a packed home game, with our home team cheering section up in the “Falcon’s Nest” making sure our opponents know they’ve got competition.


Bentley’s Div. I Men’s Ice Hockey team takes on Sacred Heart at the JAR, with the Falcon’s nest full of supporters

Flex/Blizzard – Flex is Bentley’s beloved falcon mascot, and Blizzard is his lesser known yet somehow related sidekick (my research suggests younger brother). While Flex can be seen at most athletic events and other campus wide celebrations, it seems like Blizzard is more of a diva and only shows up when he wants to.

Spring Day – Nelly, T-Pain, Kellie Pickler, and Gloriana are all artists who have come to campus in April to play a concert for our annual Spring Day. But the concert is certainly not the only highlight. There is food EVERYWHERE, plenty of different carnival games and activities, and a bunch of other shenanigans going on around campus. It’s typically the last day before students start putting their nose to the grindstone for finals, so it’s always a blast.

Flex and Blizzard with some lady friends on Spring Day

Flex and Blizzard with some friends on Spring Day

The Campus Loop – A campus shuttle that runs regularly (in a loop around campus) and in accordance with class times, so as to give students the option of riding to class rather than walking. Especially handy on days with inclement weather or when sleep deprivation is setting in, the shuttle is as reliable as it gets.

Harvard Shuttle – Our Harvard shuttle is a coach bus that transports students from campus to Harvard Square in Cambridge, where they can connect with a line of the subway system that leads into Boston. It’s a free and easy way to get yourself into the city, and students regularly take advantage of that opportunity.

“I can’t even.” *gasping for air* – 95% of Bentley students at the halfway point of the Smith stairs
“I know who’s coming for Spring Day!” – 100% of Bentley students who in fact do not know who is coming for Spring Day

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Andrew Johnston is a Economics-Finance major with a concentration in Global Perspectives at Bentley University. He is on the NCAA Men’s Golf Team, and also works as a Admission Fellow.

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