Office Hours: A Q&A with Professor Donna Blancero

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Professor Donna Blancero, PhD, speaks nationally on issues regarding cultural values in the workplace, Hispanic leadership, career success, and biculturalism. She received her doctorate from Cornell University and was the founding editor for the Business Journal of Hispanic Research. A Fellow of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, Blancero enjoys teaching courses about diversity and organizational behavior.

What do you love most about teaching Management as a subject?

I love being able to help students understand how to manage relationships at work. Students often are uncertain about what is taught in management and think it’s only about managing employees who may report to them. While it includes that, it’s always fun to be able to talk about relationships with their co-workers as well.

What’s your favorite thing about teaching Bentley students?

I love the fact that Bentley students are all really smart and focused. I also like how it’s “business as usual” for faculty and students to get to know each other. I enjoy getting to know them outside of class.

How does majoring in Management prepare students for success in their lives and careers?

I suppose I am biased, but I think studying management really helps students be successful in their relationships at work and in their professional lives. In particular, I teach “Managing Diversity in the Workplace” and, in this course, students get the opportunity to more fully understand their own social identities as well as begin to explore how we work alongside others who are different from us in all kinds of ways. It’s not merely race/ethnicity and gender, but social class, religion, ability, age, etc. Working with others who are different is a way of life.

What was your favorite subject or class when you were in college?

I loved all kinds of math and used to love doing long calculations without my calculator. I would write out pages and pages of calculations and loved it. Considered being a math major but then realized I really enjoyed management.

What was your very first job? 

My first professional job after my undergraduate degree was in marketing. I did sales forecasting (using my math skills). But my very first job was when I was 11 and I tutored a first-grade boy who had heart surgery and couldn’t go to school. I’d go to his house three afternoons a week after school and work with him. I think I was destined to be a professor.

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