Implementing the Bentley Beliefs at Orientation 2015

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As Orientation 2015 comes to a close, I am reflecting on the past three weeks of welcoming the newest members of the Bentley community.

Becoming an Orientation Leader has been my fondest Bentley experience to date. Like most Bentley students, I value leadership positions and try my best to take advantage of every opportunity to build relationships with others throughout campus. Prior to this experience, I have held positions throughout various departments on campus, i.e. Admissions, Residence Life, Academic Services. That said, orientation has been a place where I have been able to culminate all the things I know and love about Bentley and share with as many people as possible, while at the same time continually learning things I had never known about the place I have called home for the past two years.

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The transition from high school to college is a tough one for anyone, but Bentley works really diligently to ease nerves and create a comforting atmosphere for incoming freshmen. From an internal perspective, the program provides far more than three days and two nights of friendly competition and information sessions. Instead, orientation has been a time to put the Bentley Beliefs in full action.

The Bentley Beliefs, for those who may be unfamiliar, can be summed up in four words- respect, diversity, integrity and learning/growth. With these expectations well established, it was easy for 52 peers to become more than just an inclusive representation of our student body and all it has to offer, but unanticipated friends, forming unlikely bonds in a matter of days. Further, we have proven that the Bentley Beliefs are relevant anywhere on campus, in the dorms, student organizations, as well as in and out of the classroom.

This year’s incoming freshman have already shown they represent the Bentley Beliefs through respecting each other’s differences and coming together as teams, competing in spirit competitions while continually learning about what Bentley has to offer, in addition to what you can offer Bentley. With orientation being a brief indication of the next four years, I have high hopes for the Class of 2019 and have no doubt that they will succeed in relaying the Bentley Beliefs to our community and beyond.



Welcome to Bentley!

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