Students Discuss: Why Summer is a Great Time to Visit

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Thinking about visiting Bentley? Turns out summer is the perfect time to see campus. We talked to a few of our tour guides and upperclassmen to get the inside scoop on making the most out of your trip, and some must-see spots that shouldn’t be missed.


What’s the secret to giving a great campus tour?
I enjoy showing people who are interested in Bentley my perspective, so they can see Bentley through my eyes. I came here from pretty far away, so I especially like to have people on my tour who are from out of state. I tell them a lot of stories: my background, what it’s like to study away from home, how the transition isn’t as hard as it might seem.
Why is summer a great time to visit Bentley?
Even though it’s quiet in the summer, I try to help people imagine themselves on campus. I show them dorm rooms and the Student Center, especially now that it’s newly renovated. The weather’s nice. You get a more personalized tour, because we try to keep the groups smaller.


What’s your must-see spot at Bentley?
I think the Green Space is the best part of campus. During the school year, that’s where everyone is hanging out — there’s so much going on, whether it’s music, people playing Kan Jam, studying, whatever. It’s just a great place to be. In the summer, obviously, there aren’t as many people, but it’s still beautiful.

What spot on campus is most brag-worthy?
I live in an incredible apartment on campus, so I’d say the residence halls. They all have a lot of study space and places to be social. So they’re well-suited to so many different kinds of students, no matter what your needs.

What’s the secret to giving a great campus tour?
I like showing people the Library and the Smith Center. My tours really like seeing the Trading Room, especially if they’re interested in finance. I try to personalize the tour as well, asking if they are interested in any particular major, to point them toward any labs or technology that would apply to them.


Why is summer a great time to visit Bentley?
First off, the weather’s nice, so the campus is amazing. Also, it’s more relaxed. I really do enjoy it. I’m not in class, so I have more time to really connect with interested students.

What’s the first place you take people visiting campus?
I show people the Dana Center. The gym is cool, and I’m always playing basketball with my friends there. They have a couple of great food places, too, so it’s fun to hang out there even when I’m not working out.

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