See How Transfer Student Mackenzie Baker Made the Most of her College Experience

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For Mackenzie Baker, being a transfer student did not mean that she would miss out on the full college experience at Bentley. In fact, she made sure of it — and even says it was “incredibly easy” to get involved.

“I rushed a professional fraternity (Delta Sigma Pi) my very first semester and through that met so many incredible people who helped me get involved in numerous other ways around campus,” Baker recalls. “I was incredibly nervous that I would feel behind or too late to get involved but just by putting myself out there and showing up to any events that sounded interesting, I found many places on campus that feel like home.”

For Baker, getting involved meant serving as an undergraduate ambassador (tour guide), participating in service-learning and joining a sorority (Gamma Phi Beta). Her willingness to dive into activities came in part from the advice of her sister, who was already a Bentley student.

“Since my sister attended Bentley, it was like I had my own personal mentor who could help me figure everything out,” Baker says. “I knew what classes I needed to take and, thanks to my sister’s recommendations, was able to quickly get involved in different clubs and organizations on campus.”

Even though her transfer experience differs from many other transfer students, Baker understands about transfer student jitters. But she’s confident that the Bentley community will help put those jitters to rest.

“For those who come in knowing no one, it can be incredibly frightening to make an effort to socialize and meet new people right away,” Baker says. “But at Bentley everyone is so friendly and welcoming that they make it easy. My advice is to take advantage of everything Bentley offers: Meet all the other transfer students in your transfer seminar, find a job on campus where you can meet other students and make time to find clubs and organizations you want to be a part of.”

Baker believes that transfer students even have an advantage because they know what they don’t want in a school and what they want to prioritize. She says she learned from her mistakes during her first year and discovered that she wanted a small, close-knit campus — which she found at Bentley.

“Bentley is a place where everyone says ‘Hi’ to each other walking to class and there’s always something to do or be involved in. This, in addition to having a ‘tailor-made’ major, accessibility to Boston and a nationally ranked Career Services department are what sold me on Bentley.” 

Once she was sold, the process of transferring classes was “pretty simple” for Baker. After submitting her transcript from her previous school, she says “The Bentley counselors did the rest.”

Baker, who majored in Creative Industries with career plans in broadcast media, also advises knowing the transfer school’s curriculum. “If you are considering transferring to Bentley, make sure you are ready for the rigor and intensity of the classes, business or not. But also be ready to be on a campus where there is something for everyone, where the students have an unparalleled drive for success, and where you will get a worthwhile return on your investment.”

And be ready to be part of a welcoming community, she adds. “As a transfer student, I had it in my mind that I was coming in completely behind, that everyone had already made their friends during their first year. But that couldn’t have been further from the truth. I made friends my first week, (who I am still friends with) and I joined organizations that welcomed me with open arms.”

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