Why Visiting a College is so Important

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One of the most important things about choosing a college or a university is finding the right fit, and it’s hard to do this without seeing the school for yourself. Although it can take time, money, effort and planning on your part, it’s definitely worth making the trip. 

You can find out just about everything on the Internet, but you can’t get that tangible experience — what we refer to as “the feel” of the school — until you walk on campus and see the buildings, residence halls, classrooms, athletic facilities, and dining halls. Remember, this might be the place where you’ll live for four years, so go check it out! 

There are many ways to visit. Most schools offer campus tours and information sessions. A campus tour is your opportunity to get a firsthand look at a college. It’s a walking tour, typically led by a student, who will guide you through the facilities giving an overview of student life, academics, the campus culture and much more. 

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Tours are often accompanied by an information session run by the college admission staff. Many schools start with a short presentation about the school and information is shared regarding admission requirements and specific offerings. It’s a terrific time for both students and parents to ask questions.  

Some schools even offer Open House events in the fall. These are larger events where you can get an up-close look at campus life and meet with current students, faculty and administrators.

In addition, some colleges offer special events related to specific academic interests, programs across campus, or athletics opportunities.  Some even offer the opportunity to interview with an admission counselor or current student, drop in on classes and overnight stays with current students. It’s important to contact the school, find out what they have to offer, and then make a plan. You may even want to visit more than one school at a time if they’re in close proximity. 

Visiting can be a big commitment, but there are some important reasons you should make a college road trip. First, it’s a great opportunity to see not only a school but the surrounding area, and to determine what off-campus life is like, how easy is it to get to and from campus, and what kind of opportunities for internships and community engagement are available close by.

On campus, you’ll be able to get first-hand knowledge of student life, the admission process, academic offerings and faculty interaction — all great things to use for a college essay, as well! 

In short, visiting a college gives you the crucial one-on-one time with admission counselors, staff and faculty that allows you to ask specific questions about such things as career services, financial aid, academics, and even dining options.

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