The Force of a Financial Future

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Rahul Bhojwani ’22 likes solving problems, especially when the outcomes will benefit others. It was an eighth-grade lesson about the impact the 2008 recession had on Wall Street and the rest of the country that propelled him to a career in finance.   

“My project focused on the merits of the bailout,” Bhojwani explains of the middle school assignment. “Investment banks help facilitate the flow of capital, serving as advisors when companies merge, raise debt or equity, or reach strategic financial decisions, then implement a course of action. I wanted to learn more and knew I wanted to work in finance.”    

Rahul also has in interest in public policy and completed an internship in the United States Senate with Senator Lamar Alexander in Washington, D.C. It was there that he gained valuable insight into challenges facing the U.S. health care industry and the difficulties it can present for the average person. 

When it came time to choose a university, Bhojwani knew a finance degree from Bentley would give him the foundation to land a job that combines his passions and previous experiences. He worked with Bentley’s top-ranked Pulsifer Career Development Center to navigate the rigorous and competitive investment banking recruitment process. It paid off: As a sophomore, he landed an internship in private equity and commercial banking at Search Fund Accelerator and Cambridge Savings Bank. He also did an externship with Deloitte Consulting in spring 2020 and a summer 2020 internship for a health care investment banking firm based in Nashville — BRG Capital Advisors.   

“These experiences solidified my interest in investment banking and developed a fundamental business insight,” Bhojwani says. “The breadth of experiences shaped my thinking and approach to problem-solving.”  

Bhojwani recently signed an offer with a leading health care and life sciences bank based in Boston. He is thankful for his Bentley mentors and is paying it forward by serving as a career colleague in the Pulsifer Career Development Center. “It’s my turn to give back to the next group of students.”  

And he will always be finding ways to make his career about helping others. “I want my impact to have been that I did my job well — that I was a phenomenal executor,” Bhojwani says. “Eventually, I want to put the skills and resources I’ll have developed to work on behalf of a charity that addresses issues such as hunger or access to medical care. To have helped people in need — made their lives better — will be the most important work I do.”  

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